Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sneak peek art #3

And here's the character bio image for Hammer from the core book.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sneak Peek Artwork

Been a while since an update, here's an image of Tommy O'sullivan aka Hammer, just after his capture. Hammer is a member of the covert team known as the Wolfpack, he is a schizophrenic violent sadist and one of the playable characters within the setting.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Absolute Power

One of the major players within the world of Extreme Earth is the American Agency known as FIST (Federal Investigations into Super Talents)
In Extreme Earth there is no Black and White, just various shades of gray.
Every country and organisation has skeletons in the closet and large scale agencies with unlimited budgets, such as FIST, tend to have more skeletons than closets.
The first Book planned for the setting will look at the United States, focusing on how the country deals with the threat of Super talented individual both at home and abroad. The Agencies Director of Operations is Nathan Cooper. Next to the President, he is the second most powerful man in America.

Example ICONS sheet

Here's a sample of the proposed page layout for one of the Characters featured in the setting. We want the players to feel as though they are looking through classified files and profile pages. This one includes the stats for ICONS as an example, permissions still need to be sought from Adamant, the plan hopefully would be to publish the setting for a number of games systems such as M&M, Icons, Bash etc..
We didn't want just a simple stat block and one image for each character, so the plan is to incorporate old photographs, news reports, classified data, personal stuff etc, into each of the Characters profile pages.

An Introduction

The Extreme Earth setting is different to other “Supers” settings. The World is very similar to our own, just more Darker and Intense, but also very realistic. The events that take place may be fictional but they are far from “Science Fiction.” Forward the clock ten years and many of the problems facing Characters within Extreme Earth could be frighteningly accurate.
Realism is the key for both the GM and players, the overall power level of the setting is lower than other “Supers” settings, sure, there are still high powered Heroes and Villains but they are few and far between. Although not a “street” level setting, characters should still feel threatened by firearm wielding soldiers and criminals. Violence, deceit and corruption are challenges that the player Characters should be facing on a day to day basis. Readers of Marvels “MAX” series, DC’s Vertigo range of books and fans of games such as Black-Ops will be familiar with the concept of Extreme Earth, if this setting had to have a movie rating it would definitely be an NC-17.

This Blog will be used as a design journal for the setting, we will be posting artwork, concepts and ideas for the books and will be listening closely to any ideas and feedback given.

Extreme Earth: Video Trailer